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Tuesday, January 31st 2012

6:00 PM (3550 days, 19h, 33min ago)


The main reason to take Bonnie to the mountains is to go hiking. We enjoy putting on our hiking boots and finding cool places to walk. Idyllwild, the city where we stayed, is in the San Jacinto Mountains of California. It's a lovely, quiet place. There are lots of trails that don't allow dogs and a few that do. The ones that do allow dogs are just as nice as the others with many interesting things to see. We drove to the visitor's center to get a list of dog-friendly trails and then we were on our way.

All of the hiking trails require that dogs stay leashed. When we're out in public with Bonnie, we're careful to obey the laws and follow the rules. We kept Bonnie on a leash, we picked up her poop, and we stayed on the trail so the native plants were not damaged. By following the rules, the forest will be beautiful for everyone who comes to visit with their dogs. 

Bonnie loved looking for squirrels and other little creatures. Every time she heard the sounds from their movements, her ears went up and she was ready to run. We ran with her as fast as we could. Bonnie can be extremely fast! It wasn't just her ears and eyes that were busy searching for wildlife. Bonnie's nose was working hard, too. Do you see her nose in the picture below? See how high she's holding her head? She is doing what's called 'air-scenting.' Bonnie is using her nose to capture smells in the air. Just as bloodhounds will sniff the ground for scents, collies like to smell the air in addition to the ones on the ground. Bonnie can get a great deal of information about her surroundings from scents moving through the air.

We had a wonderful time in the mountains. It was fun watching Bonnie enjoy the outdoors and using her senses to experience the environment. We're looking forward to going back as soon as we can.

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