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Monday, November 28th 2011

3:44 PM (3614 days, 21h, 12min ago)

Off to the Mountains

We hope all of our American friends enjoyed a happy Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday of all. Although Bonnie didn't get to participate in the human-made turkey dinner, she did get a special mixture of turkey and rice, dog food style. 

Not long ago, we took Bonnie with us on her first vacation. Usually she stays at a very nice kennel when we go away, but this time we decided to take her on the road with us. Ater more than two years of training, I would have expected her to behave very well on the trip. And she did!

We rented a cabin in the mountains for five days. Bonnie had her own little suitcase so that I could find things easily. When Rick and I go on a trip, we always pack extras items for ourselves just in case bad weather causes us to stay longer. It was no different when I packed for Bonnie. I brought along her bed, food and dishes, her brushes, and some toys. I included a spare leash, a collar, and three extra days of food in case of an emergency. Just for extra security I put her vaccination records in the bag as well.

The first thing we did when we arrived at our destination was to go for a walk. Bonnie was very interested in the big squirrels and busy blue jays. She had never seen either of them before and she loved watching them play their games among the trees. Later that first night, back at the cabin, we built a fire.  Bonnie had only see fire once or twice before, but she became accustomed to it quickly. She relaxed by the warmth of the hearth and then drifted off to sleep, probably wondering what exciting adventure would happen tomorrow.


To be continued...

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